Worth a thousand words​

A little about me,

Rosa Landaez was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She began to feel the passion for painting and arts since early age. Rosa comes from a family of artists so it’s natural for her to feel passion every aspect related to art. She really enjoys about different techniques such as acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc.

            She embraces each and every project as if it was part of her feelings, and also its textures. She’s passionate most of the times when she succeeds; and other times she feels left out but at the final stroke, however by the same token she believes it is part of what she experiences when she sees the finished piece of art: ........It has life;....It is vibrant and colorful. Art is a passion full of magical feelings, eagerness, and inquietude, reflected in all her works. It’s like a challenge to her, being original and very realistic but she also feels passionate about surrealism, contemporary, abstract and cubism art as well. 

            She has worked in small sculptures although she acknowledges that she has not dedicated enough time to this field. Rosa feels that everything is Art no matter the technique. 

 “.....Let’s use some Love, a bit of Passion on each piece of art and easily Sentiments would be expressed in a great piece of Art.....”